Tuition and Financing

Cost of Attending

The cost categories are estimates and meant for the purpose of assistance in preparing a personal budget. Individual student costs will vary.

In addition to general tuition and fees of the University, there may also be fees that are charged in individual Medical Laboratory Sciences courses. Courses with additional fees can be found here. Each year in July, the University of Minnesota Board of Regents approves the tuition and fees for the next academic year. Tuition and Fees are subject to change.

Visit the One Stop Student Services website to estimate tuition and fees for our program (see the Undergraduate tuition fact sheet). You may review related financial policies and procedures at OneStop, such as student account activity, refunds, and credits balances.

Tuition and Fees

The professional program in Medical Laboratory Science has several different costs associated with obtaining the degree:

  • MLS tuition follows the standard University of Minnesota undergraduate rate. For most semesters, 13 or more credits are required and students will likely pay the flat rate. However, there are several factors can affect the tuition charges. Visit our One Stop Student Services for detailed information on how undergraduate tuition is assessed.
  • MMLS tuition has a different rate than the MLS program. Tuition is assessed by credit hour, but some courses have additional fees. You may find the current credit hour rate at the Onestop Tuition page
  • Laboratory course fees are charged to cover the cost of consumable supplies and reagents used in MLS and MMLS courses, as well as to service microscopes and other equipment used in course instruction. Course fees are assessed the same rate for MLS and MMLS courses. Click to view the current course fees.
  • Textbooks are required for most MLS and MMLS courses and contribute substantially to the cost of education. Unlike some courses on campus, these texts are truly required and essential for student success. Students are encouraged to purchase and keep them for professional reference during their career. To cut costs, most textbooks are available used or can be rented. Please see the University of Minnesota Bookstore website for more information.

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MLS Program Cost of Attendance: BS Degree and Certificate

Tuition and Other Fees

Basic Costs

 Resident living with parentResident living in dorm or apartmentClinical Semester
Loan Fees$150$150$150
Fall+Spring Total$24,844$33,032$17,063

Additional Fees

Collegiate Fee
FeeAssessed To
Academic Health Sciences 
$185.00All students, 6 or more credits (collegiate fee)
$92.50All students, fewer than 6 credits (collegiate fee)
MLS Course Laboratory Fees
FallMLSP 5112 Appl Diagn Microbiology PrincConsumable Materials
FallMLSP 5212 Appl Hematology & HemostatisConsumable Materials
SpringMLSP 5311 Laboratory TechniquesConsumable Materials
SpringMLSP 5312 Body Fluid AnalysisConsumable Materials
SpringMLSP 5514 Appl of Transfusion Med PrincConsumable Materials$192

Cost of Attendance Summary

Junior Year

 Living with ParentLiving in Apartment
Tuition + Basic Costs$21,946$29,028
Collegiate Fee$370$370
Course Fees$220$220

Senior Year

 Living with ParentLiving in Apartment
Tuition + Basic Costs$21,946$29,028
Collegiate Fee$370$370
Course Fees$739$739

Clinical Semester

 Living with ParentLiving in Apartment
Tuition + Basic Costs *$7,978$11,519
Collegiate Fee$185$185
Course Fees$7$7
Rural Clinical Living Costs #$500$500

* 10 credits and 1/2 other costs; no books
# each student has a rural rotation away from Twin Cities

MLS Program Cost of Attendance: MLS Professional Masters (MMLS)

 Semester 1 (6cr)Semester 2 (14 cr)Semester 3 (14 cr)Semester 4 (12 cr)Semester 5 (9 cr)
Tuition ($700/cr)$4,200$9,800$9,800$8,400$6,300
Collegiate Fee$185$185$185$185$185
Lab Fees$219$1,150$1,102$7$0
Books & Supplies$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000
Room & Board$7,500$7,500$7,500$7,500$7,500