Affiliated with numerous organizations to meet medical laboratory scientists’ interests and needs

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Professional Organizations within MLS

The Medical Laboratory Sciences profession is represented by numerous organizations that serve to meet the interests and needs of the membership. These include continuing education, educating the public about the profession, and providing a link to other healthcare professions.  The professional organizations are also instrumental in passing and changing laws and regulations related to healthcare. Students are encouraged to join and become active participants of at least one organization, many of which offer discounted student membership rates. Some of the MLS program’s affiliated organizations are listed here.

American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science

ASCLS was organized in 1933 by and for medical laboratory scientists, with both national and state chapters.  It publishes the Clinical Laboratory Science journal on a quarterly basis. The University of Minnesota MLS Program encourages all students to join the professional society as they begin their career in MLS.  

American Society for Clinical Pathology

ASCP was founded in 1922 to represent all laboratory professionals, including physicians. The industry’s national certification exam is administered through the Board of Certification within ASCP. ASCP publishes two professional journals: LabMedicine and American Journal of Clinical Pathology.

American Medical Technologists

Founded in 1939, AMT has national and state chapters and offers certification exams for a variety of allied health professionals. 

American Association for Clinical Chemistry

AACC’s members are laboratory professionals, physicians, and researchers in clinical chemistry. It publishes Clinical Chemistry monthly.

American Society for Microbiology

American Society for Microbiology represents individuals working in 26 microbiological specialty areas who have at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in microbiology. The organization publishes numerous journals – see website.

American Society for Histocampatibility and Immuniogenetics

ASHI serves laboratorians, physicians, and researchers in immunogenetics and transplant immunology. It publishes Human Immunology monthly.

American Society for Cytotechnology

ASCT represents individuals who work in the discipline of Cytotechnology.

American Association of Blood Banks

AABB is comprised of laboratory professionals, physicians, researchers, nurses and others in transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. It publishes Transfusion monthly.