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Student Services

Students in the Center for Allied Health Programs have both a Academic Advisor and a Faculty Advisor.

Advisors provide consultation, support, mentoring, and recommendations to students including resources outside of the program (Disability Resources, Counseling, Boynton Health Services, etc.).

Director of Student Services

Mattie Hawley, MA (she/her)
Children's Rehabilitation Center, R650B
[email protected]

Student Services Administrative Specialist

Josette Fontana (she/her)
Children's Rehabilitation Center, R650
[email protected]

Admissions and Recruitment Specialist

Sheri Beck
Children's Rehabilitation Center, R650
[email protected]

Academic Advisor

Christine Mollen (she/her)
Children's Rehabilitation Center, R650A
[email protected]
Advises students with last names A-K


Senior Academic Advisor

Robin Peterson (she/her)
Children's Rehabilitation Center, R650E
[email protected]
Advises students with last names L-Z

Academic Advisors are experts in University and program academic processes and policies. We work with students on progression, scheduling, academic issues, and referrals to University resources. To schedule an appointment with an academic advisor, please email them directly or email CAHP Student Services at [email protected]. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors regularly. 
Faculty Advisors are assigned to students during or after the orientation experience. Check your MyU Portal to see which faculty member is assigned to you.

Student Handbooks & Policies

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