Students should be ready to commit about 40 hours per week for in-person and independent learning

Schedules and Calendar


*Schedule subject to minor change until semester begins.

Description of Student F2F Calendars:

  • Student F2F Calendars: Face to face meetings or classes (whether in-person or virtual). Calendars are separated by student graduation year and cohort - Rochester (R) or Twin Cities (TC). (Example: F2F R OTD Class of 2026 = Calendar of face to face meetings whether in-person or virtual for the Rochester cohort of the OTD Class of 2026)
  • OT Faculty Office Hours: Calendar for OT Faculty to add their office hours. Access is limited to admitted or current students.
  • Note that Level 1 Fieldwork courses generally occur on Thursdays and Fridays. You will learn more from your course instructor.
  • Calendar of Holidays and Religious Observances
  • Resource for how to print or add calendars

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Archived Schedules

Face to Face Schedules

Students should plan to commit as many as 40 hours per week during each semester towards in-person and independent learning (online and/or group work).

Face-to-Face schedules for OTD courses are available for download below:

  2023-2024 2022-2023 2021-2022
Fall Semester 1 Semester 1 Semester 1
  Semester 4 Semester 4 Semester 4
  Semester 7 Semester 7 Semester 7
Spring Semester 2 Semester 2 Semester 2
  Semester 5 Semester 5 Semester 5
  Semester 8 Semester 8 Semester 8
Summer Semester 3 Semester 3 Semester 3
  Semester 6 Semester 6 Semester 6