Students should be ready to commit about 40 hours per week for in-person and independent learning

Schedules and Calendar

Face to Face Schedules

Students should plan to commit as many as 40 hours per week during each semester towards in-person and independent learning (online and/or group work).

Face-to-Face schedules for OTD courses are available for download below:

FallSemester 1Semester 1Semester 1
 Semester 4Semester 4Semester 4
 Semester 7Semester 7Semester 7
SpringSemester 2Semester 2Semester 2
 Semester 5Semester 5Semester 5
 Semester 8Semester 8Semester 8
SummerSemester 3Semester 3Semester 3
 Semester 6Semester 6Semester 6