Level I experiences help students apply course learning to practice

Level I Fieldwork

Level I fieldwork experiences are incorporated into several required courses during the OTD program. Level I experiences provide the opportunity for students to apply course learning in a practice context under the supervision of faculty.

The purpose of faculty led Level I Fieldwork experiences is to introduce students to the fieldwork experience and allow them to apply their knowledge to practice while developing an understanding of client needs. This is where our fieldwork community partners come in!

Volunteers Needed for Exciting New Telehealth Opportunity!

We are excited to announce a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in a faculty-supervised, student-run telehealth occupational therapy program. The program is available for individuals of all ages and is designed to foster continued growth in an area of daily life.

As part of their educational program, occupational therapy students are required to participate in experiences where they can practice skills and professional interaction with individuals in our communities. We are reaching out to our community partners so that you can inform individuals who might benefit from this student-run occupational therapy practice. We anticipate the program to be a series of web-based sessions consisting of at least one individual meeting with a faculty member and a small group of students.

The session topics might include:

  • Introductions and getting to know you
  • Identify area to address
  • Discuss results and setting goals
  • Take action on goals
  • Closure and next steps

You will receive a copy or explanation of assessment results, a summary of interventions and written recommendations at the end of this program.

Interested individuals should email [email protected] or dial 612-626-5887. Let us know that you are interested in participating in the OT telehealth student program and leave your contact information (email and phone) and we will contact you to schedule your first visit.

We are excited to embark on this adventure with our community and with our students to help provide these unique learning experiences!