A premier Medical Laboratory Science program known for cutting edge research and innovative education

Why Our MLS Program

The University of Minnesota’s Medical Laboratory Sciences program has led the MLS profession for over 100 years and is known throughout the field for its cutting-edge research and innovative educational models.

Students enrolled in our program receive a world-class education in one of the country’s premier Medical Laboratory Sciences programs.

The program’s outcomes are excellent:

  • 98% of the MLS program’s graduates pass their American Society for Clinical Pathology board exam on their first attempt.
MLS student examines petri dish

"I took immunology and I just fell in love with the aspect of diseases and learning about them and understanding why they happen.  I think that in itself is fascinating and it piqued my interest in the program.  And from there on I fell in love with it ever since."

- Abdi Farah

Kristen Oldenburg

"For a lot of people when they go to the doctor, they tell the doctor what’s going on and the doctor diagnoses them.  A lot of people don’t think about all of the lab testing and other diagnostic measures that are necessary to reach that diagnosis. Even getting into the program made me realize how important that step is in the process."

- Kristen Oldenburg

Megan Cushing

"I would recommend this program.  They teach you so much and you learn so much and it can feel overwhelming.  But they do prepare you to go out into the real world and work."

- Megan Cushing

Andrew Ashmore

"I like problem solving, so someone like me who enjoys science and problem solving, would recommend to students this field of study. And with the help of the professors here I think they would be successful."

- Andrew Ashmore