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Student Handbooks

The University of Minnesota Medical Laboratory Science program develops a Student Handbook each year to guide students in their progression through the degree program. The Handbook is an overview of the MLS Program including goals,  policies and procedures, honor and professional codes, as well as policies on academic and non-academic essentials. The Handbook also contains general information for students about the University of Minnesota campuses and the services that are available to assist students during their enrollment in the Center for Allied Health Programs.

As a student is admitted into the program they will receive a copy of the Student Handbook during their online program orientation. Critical areas within the Handbook will be discussed and explained. This Handbook will serve as a reference for policies and procedures for the duration of that student’s time in the program.

Copies of current and previous Handbooks are available below.

Student Forms

This page provides links to some important forms you may need to use during your academic career within CAHP and the MLS Program.

Your academic advisor will guide you as to which forms you will need and when you will need them. A copy of your submitted forms will be kept in your CAHP student file.

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