We seek students committed to promoting the health, productivity and quality of life for individuals and society

How to Apply


Seeking students with a strong academic background and a commitment to promoting the health, productivity, and quality of life of individuals and society through the therapeutic application of occupation. 

Fall 2021 Admissions deadline: Tuesday, January 12th, 2021, 11:59 PM (CST)


Admission Steps

Applicants must complete the following:

  1. OTCAS Application
    Centralized application that allows prospective students to use one application to apply to multiple participating OT and OTA programs through a single application process.

    Complete application including:

    • OTCAS personal statement

    • Additional writing samples required as part of your application to the University of Minnesota. The OTCAS application outlines all required writing samples.

  2. University of Minnesota Supplemental Application in OTCAS located under Admissions Requirements in the Home Tab

  3. Applicants already holding a degree in Occupational Therapy and who are originally certified by NBCOT should contact the admissions department at [email protected]. Faculty will review applicant transcripts for possible credit toward the OTD degree for previous experiential learning.

Written Statements

OTCAS Personal Statement

  • Your OTCAS application requires several written statements.

  • Several additonal writing samples are required as part of your application to the University of Minnesota. The OTCAS application outlines all required and optional writing samples.

Letters of recommendation are not required for admission to our program.

Prerequisite Courses

There are nine core prerequisite courses required for admission to the Program in Occupational Therapy. Students must have a prerequisite GPA of 3.0 or above in order to be considered for admission and no core prerequisite course can be successfully completed with a grade lower than a 'C.' Six out of ten core prerequisites (Anatomy and Physiology included) must be complete by the application deadline. Complete details regarding prerequisite courses are outlined on our Academic Prerequisite Requirements page.

There is one non-core prerequisite, Medical Terminology, which may be taken for college credit or online.

Applicants who have remaining prerequisite courses to fulfill should carefully plan the timeline of completion. All prerequisite courses must be successfully completed before beginning the Occupational Therapy curriculum. The Prerequisite Planning Guides offer detailed information on the courses available at the University of Minnesota and colleges and Universities in the region.

For Spring and Summer 2020, we may accept S/N grades due to COVID-19.

Practical Experience


  • Applicants must report at least 20 hours of OT observation OR completion of an Orientation to Occupational Therapy course.


  • Additional OT observation experience

  • Work, volunteer or observation experience in health or education related fields (e.g. physical therapy, special education, speech pathology, long term care, home health, adult/child day care, community health organizations).

  • Participate in research