Faculty Engage in Innovative Research, Evidence-based and Data-driven Projects


Research Overview

Many interprofessional research opportunities are available in Occupational Therapy. Faculty engage in innovative research, evidence-based and data-driven projects with students, colleagues, and community partners.

Research that Advances Health and Quality of Lives to:

  • Address the occupational performance of persons across the lifespan focusing on those meaningful everyday activities that together build meaningful lives.
  • Translate research discoveries to occupational therapy practice.
  • Innovate how students best learn to become occupational therapists.
  • Explain how engagement in occupation advances health and improves quality of life

Faculty Research

Examples of current project aims addressed by OT faculty include:

  • Building novel technology for health care management for wheelchair users.
  • Establishing predictive validity of cognitive-functional assessment of community dwelling older adults.  
  • Describing the occupations of older adults with Alzheimer’s disease in adult day service programs
  • Establishing person-level factors which predict responsiveness to occupational therapy interventions for persons with hand osteoarthritis
  • Describing how the history of occupational therapy explains current practice issues and trends
  • Developing statewide emergency preparedness plan for Minnesotans with disability.
  • Understanding the effect of innovative educational interventions on student learning
    • Impact standardized simulations
    • Impact of  innovative technologies such as virtual reality
    • Cohorts as learning communities