Welcome to the Center for Allied Health Programs

mls and otThe Center for Allied Health Programs (CAHP) was established in 2006 as an academic structure to foster innovation and collaboration in the development of digital pathways toward educating the next generation of allied health professionals and to address Minnesota's projected statewide shortages in the health professions. The Occupational Therapy Program (OT) offers a Doctorate of OT (OTD) degree and the Medical Laboratory Sciences Program (MLS) offers a baccalaureate as well as a Masters-level degree (MMLS).

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Mission and Vision


The Center for Allied Health Programs' mission is to improve the delivery of collaborative care to the people of  Minnesota by educating and training allied healthcare professionals to meet the increasing workforce demands. The CAHP coordinates with the Minnesota State Colleges and University (MnSCU) system in the efficient deployment of resources and collaborates with private health systems to lead in the education for specialized skills to produce the next generation of allied health professions researchers and faculty members.


The success of CAHP will be achieved by providing excellence in nontraditional, hybrid healthcare education. These programs will be agile, financially sustainable, learner‐centered, future‐oriented, leveraging technology and talent, with statewide access and monitored outcomes.


Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS)

The only public professional‐level program in Minnesota, the Medical Laboratory Sciences Program is currently the only accredited four year degree‐granting program in the state of Minnesota. Medical laboratory scientists play a crucial role in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

The University of Minnesota’s OT program is the only public professional‐level program in Minnesota and one of the oldest OT programs in the United States. OT professionals work with children and adults who have physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities that interfere with their ability to engage in life’s tasks.