Advisors help support you through our program

Student Services and Resources

Students in the Center for Allied Health Programs have both a Academic Advisor and a Faculty Advisor. Advisors provide consultation, support, mentoring, and recommendations to students including resources outside of the program (Disability Resources, Counseling, Boynton Health Services, etc.).

Admissions and Recruitment Specialist

Tammy McNish
[email protected]

Academic Advisor
(Last Name A-K)

Mallory Schweim
[email protected]

Academic Advisor
(Last Name L-Z)

Robin Peterson
Academic Advisor
[email protected]

Director of
Student Services

Mattie Hawley, MA
[email protected]

Student Services Administrative Specialist

Swan Nguyen
[email protected]

Academic Advisors are experts in University and academic processes. We can work with you on progression, scheduling, academic issues, and referrals to Campus resources. To schedule an appointment with a Academic Advisor, please email CAHP Student Services at [email protected] or call 877-344-5659. We encourage you to meet with your CAHP advisors regularly. 
MMLS students will also have Faculty Advisors assigned to them during or after the orientation experience. If you are a MMLS student, check your MyU Portal to see which faculty member is assigned to you.  

Student Handbooks & Policies

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