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Student Services and Resources

Bachelor degree seeking, certificate and affiliate MLS students in the Center for Allied Health Programs have are assigned an academic advisor. MMLS students are assigned both an academic and faculty advisor. Academic advisors provide students with guidance and recommendations on courses, registration, progression toward degree completion, University resources and much more. Faculty advisors provide consultation, support, and mentoring. 

Director of Student Services

Mattie Hawley, MA (she/her)
Children's Rehabilitation Center, R650B
[email protected]

Admissions and Recruitment Specialist

Sheri Beck
Children's Rehabilitation Center, R650
[email protected]

Academic Advisor

Christine Mollen (she/her)
Children's Rehab R650A
[email protected]
Advises students with last names A-K


Student Services Administrative Specialist

Susan Vang
Phone: 612-301-0221
Office: Children's Rehabilitation Center R650
[email protected]

Senior Academic Advisor

Robin Peterson (she/her)
Children's Rehabilitation Center, R650E
[email protected]
Advises students with last names L-Z

Academic Advisors are experts in University and academic processes. We can work with you on progression, scheduling, academic issues, and referrals to Campus resources. To schedule an appointment with a Academic Advisor, please email CAHP Student Services at [email protected] or call 877-344-5659. We encourage you to meet with your CAHP advisors regularly. 
MMLS students will also have Faculty Advisors assigned to them during or after the orientation experience. If you are a MMLS student, check your MyU Portal to see which faculty member is assigned to you.  

Embedded Wellness Counselor

Amy Brandt (she/her)
[email protected]

I will be offering short-term counseling and referrals for additional services or support for students within the programs of Pharm/CAHP/PT.  These services are offered at no additional cost to students and no health insurance is billed for services through SCS.  All short-term counseling services are private and confidential. 

If you are interested in setting up an appointment with me to see if short-term counseling is a good fit for you or to receive referrals for additional supports and services on campus or in the community, please use one of the following steps to get started: Use the following link to complete intake forms with the SCS office and make sure to note in the intake forms that you are a Pharm/CAHP/PT student and you will be scheduled with me: Getting Started | Student Counseling Service

View the Embedded Counseling Overview presentation.

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