Capstone offers organizations the opportunity to partner with an advanced OT student


Our Capstone experience and project offer organizations the opportunity to partner with an advanced OT student to evaluate, envision, create or improve their processes, services, products or other essential components of the work they do.

The OT Doctoral Capstone is the culminating experience in the program and occurs after all coursework and 24 weeks of Level II FW are successfully completed. 

As part of this arrangement, a University of Minnesota faculty member provides expertise and mentoring to create projects and achieve outcomes that foster the student’s professional growth while meeting the specific needs of an organization. This partnership enables an organization to work closely with a doctoral capstone student over a full-time, 14 week period. At the end of the 14 weeks, they will participate in a final defense of their project and outcomes in order to graduate.

Prior to the start of the Capstone experience, students will explore the different ways occupational therapy can contribute to meeting the needs of individuals, groups and populations in a variety of contexts and finalize the type of Capstone in which they wish to engage: Advocacy, Leadership, Program and Policy Development, Education, Theory Development, Research, Administration or Advanced Clinical Practice.

Examples of organizations with whom OT students will partner include:

  • Three Rivers Parks District 
  • St. Paul Public Schools
  • ISD 197 Early Intervention Program
  • Open Circle Adult Day
  • The Wilder Foundation
  • Autism Society of Minnesota
  • Hazeldon Betty Ford
  • Minneapolis  VA Polytrauma program
  • Messabi Family YMCA
  • Health Partners Neuroscience Center
  • Fairview Hand Therapy
  • PeopleServing People

To learn more about the OTD Capstone in community based organizations, click here: (link to FAQ UMN OTD Capstone)

To learn more about the OTD Capstone in OT clinical sites, click here: (link to FAQ UMN OTD Capstone in Clinical Sites)

To request a Capstone student to advance the needs of your organization, contact Dr. Terrianne Jones at [email protected]