MLS Curriculum

curriculum imageStudents enter the MLS Program at the Junior (Year3) or Senior/Professional (Year4) of the Program. During Year 3 of the program admitted students complete the remaining science foundation courses and Liberal Education requirements

Students who continue in Good Standing within the Program and who have completed the required Year 3 courses will automatically progress into the Professional (Year 4) of the program.

Some students who have completed all of the necessary prerequisite and Foundation courses may be admitted directly into the Professional (Year 4) of the program.

MMLS Curriculum

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Student Academic Complaints

The first step of any resolution should be at the lowest unit level, between the parties involved or the parties and an appropriate third party (e.g., other faculty, or advisor). Students may wish to consult the Student Conflict Resolution Center or similar support services for advice and possible mediation.

If no informal resolution is reached at the lowest unit level, a student may seek informal resolution at the collegiate level with the other party and higher level administrators. If the issue is not resolved informally, the student may seek formal resolution. View the complete University Senate complaint policy and process.

Formal Resolution Steps can be found on the Process for Resolving Student Academic Complaints website.