Non-Academic Requirements for Entry

ot faculty and studentsNon-Academic Requirements for Entry

The Occupational Therapy Program (OT) requires students to engage in diverse, complex and specific experiences essential to occupational therapy and that also assure patient safety. Unique combinations of cognitive, affective, psychomotor, physical, and social abilities are required to practice Occupational Therapy in timely and safe ways. The Occupational Therapy Program’s Minimum Technical Standards outline these abilities and requirements. Prospective students should review these standards prior to applying for admission. Current students must maintain their ability to meet the standards with or without accommodations.

Read the complete policy on Program in Occupational Therapy Minimum Technical Standards

It is recommended that an incoming student with a known disability contact Disability Services at (612) 626-1333 and identify as an applicant, prior to enrollment in Fall semester. Contact with Disability Services is confidential. This enables the OT program to provide the best educational experience possible.