Planning Guides

Transition from MOT to OTD

The OT program at the University of Minnesota is currently seeking accreditation for the entry level doctorate for Fall 2019 admissions. Until we receive approval of this from both the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE®)and the University Board of Regents, we will be unable to update the prerequisite planning guides. Please follow the procedure at the bottom of this page if you have coursework you think will meet the new prerequisites. 

Applicants who have remaining prerequisite courses to fulfill should carefully plan the timeline of completion. The Prerequisite Planning Guides below offer detailed information on the courses available at the U of M and area colleges and universities that readily fulfill the program’s prerequisite requirements. Admissions criteria and prerequisite requirements can change from year to year. It is the prospective applicant’s responsibility to be up-to- date on all program requirements prior to applying.  

Minnesota-based Insitutions

Wisconsin-based Institutions

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

University of Wisconsin-Stout

University of Wisconsin-Superior

If your school(s) is not listed, or the Prerequisite Planning Guides for your school(s) does not list the courses you have taken, please send the following information to for review.

  • Course Name and Number
  • Name of institution where course was completed
  • Number of credit hours
  • Year taken
  • Course description(s) and
  • Syllabi (if available)

If the planning guide for your school does NOT include a course you have taken, prior to sending the above information, ensure that the course fully meets the Academic Requirements for the prerequisite as outlined on the Academic Requirements webpage. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Work 

Some prerequisite courses may be satisfied through a successful score on an Advanced Placement Examination. The Occupational Therapy program follows the policies imposed by the University of Minnesota in acceptance of AP credit for coursework. You can find more information on AP credit acceptance here: