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Students can find helpful resources by reading our University Resources page on this web site. Contact information is included for each resource and department. Faculty and Student Services Advisors are also available to help guide toward the resource that fits best.

University of Minnesota Occupational Therapy Distance Learning Resources

Occupational therapy promotes participation in the everyday activities that are important to you. The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant disruption and changes to our habits, routines, and rituals, severely impacting everyday life.

Our occupational therapy goal is to benefit people’s overall participation in everyday habits and routines that can positively impact our physical and emotional health as well as our overall well-being.

What can we do to adjust to our new “normal” and continue to live an everyday life to its fullest?

The University of Minnesota Occupational Therapy Program can help you answer the “now what?” question. Here are some short videos created by OT students of occupational therapy activities and ideas that support children, youth, and their families when we all stay home together.

Learn how the students and faculty of the University of Minnesota Occupational Therapy Program are working with individuals, families, and communities to promote healthier everyday living. See all their videos at our U of M OT YouTube Channel.

Resource Videos for Children

Build Your Routine With a Picture Schedule: Quarantine at home during COVID has made it necessary to re-organize our lives. In this video, Rachel White (MOT class of 2020) teaches you how to create an easy picture schedule that can help map out the days so they flow a little easier. Make your own pictures or use the handout provided. Download Rachel White’s Picture Schedule Handout here. Watch video here.

A-Z Exercise Video: Exercise is a great activity to do every day to get our brains and bodies ready for learning! Join Hannah Peterson (MOT class of 2020) as she uses the alphabet letters to explore different movement exercises. Download Hannah Peterson’s A-Z Exercise Guide here. Watch video here.

Movement Games: Some days, we seem to have a little extra energy in our bodies that we just can’t seem to get rid of. Join Hannah Peterson (MOT class of 2020) as she teaches four different games you can easily play to burn off some energy in a fun way. Download Hannah Peterson’s Movement Games Handout here. Watch video here.

Guitar Making: Have you ever wanted to start your own band? Well, here’s your chance! Using common household items, Hannah Peterson (MOT class of 2020) will teach you an easy, step-by-step way to make your own guitar and maraca. Watch video here.

Nature Collage: Using your 5 senses is a great way to learn about nature! Hannah Peterson (MOT class of 2020) will teach you how to use your sense of sight, hearing, smell, and touch to explore nature, along with making a collage out of items you find outside. Watch video here.

Scavenger Hunt: It’s time for a scavenger hunt! Join Hannah Peterson (MOT class of 2020) as she creates a scavenger hunt list and tries to find all the items around her house. But there’s an extra challenge: can you complete it within 5 minutes? Download Hannah Peterson’s Scavenger Hunt Handout here. Watch video here.

Card Making: Over the past couple months, we haven’t been able to see our family and friends as much as we would like, meaning we are probably missing them a little extra these days. Rather than seeing each other face to face, another way to stay connected is by making and sending cards! In this video, Hannah Peterson (MOT class of 2020) will give you different prompts and ideas for making cards to send to a loved one. Download Hannah Peterson’s Card Making Handout here. Watch video here.

Bedtime Story: A story can be a part of your bedtime routine, or just a nice break during the day. Read My Many Colored Days by Dr. Suess with Rachel White (MOT class of 2020) and learn a simple recipe for a bedtime routine that can help you get good sleep on a regular basis. Watch video here.

Resource Videos for Youth

Mindful Minute: Take a “mindful minute” with Rachel White (MOT class of 2020) inspired by Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hahn. In this video, you can learn an easy way to concentrate on your breath and bring a little more calm into your day. Watch video here.

Mindful Challenge: Will you accept a mindful challenge? Rachel White (MOT class of 2020) teaches a fun way to help you become a master of your own mind. See how long you can stick with the challenge, and try to make it a full day without cheating! Watch video here.