We are a leader in diversity and inclusion on our campus

Statement of Our Commitment to Inclusion and Equity

George Floyd Mural
Photo by Lorie Shaull

To Our Medical Laboratory Sciences Program Family and Friends,

For almost a year our local community and those around the world have been greatly impacted by the killing of George Floyd and the charges brought against Derek Chauvin. This tragedy sparked a new awareness for many people of the disparities and injustices that have plagued people of color every day for generations. Despite video documentation of George Floyd’s murder, these longstanding generational injustices caused many, especially people of color, to doubt the outcome of the trial.
The Hennepin County jury’s guilty verdict on all counts might mark the start of more recognition and acknowledgement of the pervasiveness and insidiousness of racism in our society, but justice for all remains a long distance away. We share the belief that to establish true justice and equity, significant changes must occur at our very foundation, down to the way we engage in our everyday practices. This is about much more than the outcome of a single trial.

This tragedy sparked a national movement that heightened our country’s awareness of the existence and manifestation of systemic and structural racism, and it demanded accountability, equality and change. Some may never be able to truly understand the pain, fear, and trauma that people of color in our communities experience every day. But we hope that our collective goal as a society is to dedicate ourselves to make necessary and lasting changes.

In of itself, a jury verdict cannot fully address the myriad injustices minorities and people of color so often endure. Continuing to engage in difficult conversations and intentional actions will help steer us toward a path of mutual support as we grow and evolve.

The Medical Laboratory Sciences Program faculty and staff is unequivocally committed to racial justice and equal opportunity. We will continue to work toward removing barriers and systems that impede or limit the access that students of color have so that they may achieve their full potential. And we pledge to work today, and every day in support of the role that education plays in advancing a more just and equitable society.

Janice Conway-Klaassen, Director
Medical Laboratory Sciences Program
April 26, 2021