Curriculum Overview

calendarThe MLS Program is a two tier baccalaureate degree plan. 

Requirements for this baccalaureate degree program are current as of Fall 2016

  • Minimum credits required to graduate with this degree: 120 credits
  • Program Specific Requirements: 86 credits
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science

Years 1 and 2

Year 1 (Freshman) and Year 2 (Sophomore) of the Program of Study involve completion of prerequisite courses in basic sciences, mathematics, writing and liberal education.

Before students can apply to enter the upper division professional program, they must successfully complete the prerequisite courses (science, writing, and liberal education).  If students have completed these requirements with grades of C or higher, have earned a science and overall GPA of 2.75 or higher, and have earned a minimum of 60 credits they may apply for admission into the upper division professional program.  Completion of admission requirements does not guarantee admission into Year 3 or Year 4 of the MLS Program. Admission is a competitive review process.

Years 3 and 4

During Year 3 of the program, admitted students will continue with required science foundation courses and complete the remaining Liberal Education requirements before entering Year 4.  

Admitted students who successfully complete Year 3 of the MLS Program and have met the requirements for program progression, will transition into the Professional year (Year 4) of the MLS Program. 

In addition, on a space available basis, non-admitted students who have completed all of the prerequisite courses and Year 3 requirements may apply for admission into Year 4 of the MLS Program. Direct Year 4 admission is especially advantageous for students who already have a bachelor’s degree and have met the admission requirements. 

The final semester of the MLS degree program is the Clinical Experience. Course during this semester are completed at our clinical affiliate laboratories. Students actively practice medical laboratory testing under the supervision of qualified clinical preceptors. 

Graduates from our NAACLS accredited MLS degree program are eligible to take the American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Certification exam and in when this has been successfully completed they are eligible for employment in medical laboratories.