Intro Course

Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science

1010 courseEach semester we offer a 1 credit online course describing the MLS profession. Each week students explore the field of MLS and the sub-disciplines, the work that is done in each area and the career opportunities available. The course is graded on a pass/fail (S/N grade) and there are no prerequisite courses required. This course is also open to PSEO students and students who are not officially enrolled in the University.

 MLSP 1010 - Orientation in Medical Laboratory Sciences 

(1.0 cr; S-N, Fall, Spring, and Summer, every year) Introduction to Medical Laboratory Sciences. Course explores the primary disciplines in the field as well as areas of specialty practice. Career pathways are explored in hospital laboratories, public health, and research as well the MLS major as a foundation for graduate or professional schools. Online.

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