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students in laboratoryThe Medical Laboratory Sciences Program is an upper division baccalaureate professional degree program. Because this program is a professional practice degree in the medical field, we look for students with a strong academic background in the sciences, critical reasoning abilities, personal integrity and ethics as well as a commitment to promoting the health and well-being of individuals and society.

Admission into the MLS professional program is a competitive process. Students must meet the minimum academic and non-academic requirements of the program and complete the application process for consideration. Please be sure to review all of the content in this section before moving to the Application Instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 877-334-2659.

Application open and close dates

Top candidates that submit their application before the 1st Monday of February will be invited to an Interview and Skills assessment the beginning of March.  Additional Interview and Skills assessments will occur monthly until the Final Application Deadline stated below.

Affiliate Students and Honors Students: Qualified Affiliate and Honors students who submit their application by October 15th, 2019, could be inivted to an Interview and Skills assessment on November 8th, 2019.

Medical Laboratory Sciences Application Opens: August 15th

Undergraduate Transfer Application Opens for the University of Minnesota: October 1

Application Priority Deadlines: February 3

Applications are still being accepted

Application Final Deadline (if space is available):

Year 3│July 1
Year 4│May 15
MMLS | May 15 

Application Review is currently in progress

Interview & Skills Assessment

The Interview and Skills Assessments typically occur on the first or second Friday of March. Interview and skills are by invitation only, and are conducted on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. If space is still available after the first round of interviews, additional Interview and skills assessments are scheduled the first Friday of the month until the cohort is full. 

Notification of Decision

Applications are ranked based on the interview and skills assessment. Each applicant should receive an email notification of acceptance or non-acceptance within 4-6 weeks of their Interview date.

Application fee

An application fee of $50.00 will be collected when the final MLS or MMLS application is submitted.

Admission requirements

Application Review Factors

Students who apply to the MLS Program will have their applications reviewed based on primary and secondary factors. All applications are reviewed in their entirety and admission decisions are based on overall assessment of each applicant’s academic preparation and performance, experiences, and the following:

Primary Factors

  • Minimum GPA Requirements
    • For the BS degree or Certificate  -- 2.75; 3.0 is preferred
    • For the MMLS degree 3.0; 3.2 is preferred
    • Prerequisite GPA – GPA of specific program requirements – as above (Academic Requirements)
    • Overall Science and Math GPA – all physical science and math courses completed at the college level – as above (Academic Requirements)

Secondary Factors

Individual circumstances such as those listed below are also part of the overall assessment of each application and may factor into individual decisions (in no particular order).

  • Work experience in medical or other laboratory setting
  • An exceptionally rigorous academic curriculum
  • Number of semesters with full time enrollment including science laboratory courses
  • Number of repeated courses
  • Number of course withdrawals
  • Military service
  • Knowledge of MLS profession
  • Advanced degrees

Submit application

  • Submit all Official Documents (transfer application, forms, transcripts) to the proper department as directed in the application instructions
  • Complete and submit the online MLS application 
  • Pay fee
    • Your application will be considered only after you have submitted an electronic payment and all required documents are on file
    • If you are unable to make a payment electronically please contact our office at or (877) 334-2659. 

Application Instructions

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