Student Governance

Student Governance Committees

Here is a great way to begin developing your leadership skills - skills that are very desirable in the MLS profession!  Each year we ask for students who are interested in the following student positions:

  • Year 3 Class Representative – A student from each campus location will work with the Year 4 Class Presidents to organize the MLSP student club.

  • Year 4 Class Representatives - Two representatives are needed; one from the Twin Cities Campus and one from the Rochester campus.  ITV or telleconference communication will be made available from the Rochester campus for the executive council meetings.

  • AHC SCC (Academic Health Center Student Consultative Committee) – This a body of student representatives from each of the AHC schools and allied health fields that meet once per month with a representative from the AHC Office of Education to talk about student issues and concerns.  For more information visit: Two representatives are needed; one from the Twin Cities Campus and one from the Rochester campus.

  • Year 4 Class President – Each campus will have a class president.  The class presidents will work together to organize the MLSP Student Club with support from last year’s student leaders and faculty.  Potentially, one of these students may be asked to speak at commencement on behalf of the other students.  MLSP Student Club activities could include assisting with the alumni banquet, outreach, ASCLS, and some fun activities for the program. Two presidents from Year 4 students; one per campus location.

    The student representative is asked to document any significant information and give to Dr. Lorna Ruskin at for distribution to other MLSP students.

  • CHIP Executive Council - CHIP is the acronym for Center for Health Interprofessional Programs.  The CHIP Executive Council is CHIP's governing student body and is comprised of students from each of the Academic Health Center schools and colleges as well as the Allied Health programs.  Executive Council members keep their fellow classmates informed about CHIP-related events, plan academic and social interprofessional activities and work on issues of common interest. Through this organization you'll strengthen your organizational and team-building skills, enhance what you learn in class, and have fun in the process!  For more information visit:

    If you are interested in one or more of these positions, please send an email to Dr. Lorna Ruskin, the student governance faculty advisor at  Indicate which position(s) you are interested in.