CE: The Task Oriented & Constraint Induced Movement Approaches to Neurorehabiliation - OT Refresher Course

Task Oriented Approach to CIMT photoNeurorehabilitative approaches are intervention strategies that promote occupational performance and participation with individuals who have neurological injury or neurological development that is altered and impacts day-to-day activities.

On-demand, ongoing enrollment

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the factors and trends influencing the larger profession from  the perspectives of theory, reimbursement and client centered care.
  • Describe the assumptions, assessments, and intervention strategies associated with the OT Task-Oriented approach and Constraint-Induced Therapy approaches
  • Describe the evidence that supports the OT Task-Oriented Approach Constraint-Induced Therapy approaches

Contact hours: 6
AOTA Continuing Education Units (CEUs): .6
NBCOT Professional Developmenty Units (PDUs): 7.5
Level: Intermediate
AOTA Classification Codes: Domain of OT; Occupational Therapy Process: Professional Issues